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Are you looking for a Music Publisher without a lot of strings attached? Big Sugar Music may be just exactly what you have been looking for. We are what is known as a Catalog Publisher. Our agreements with our songwriters are straight forward and open ended, meaning you may cancel your agreement with us at any time with a simple notice to us via email sixty days prior to the time you wish to cancel. Yes, no long drawn out binding contracts. Your songs will be placed in our BMI Registered Catalog for as long as you wish them to remain under our protection.

We do not pitch songs to artists on a daily basis like some publishers claim to do. We tell it like it is with no promises to cajole you into signing with us. We do pitch songs when we are contacted by the artist. This is a better way of doing publishing as we know for a fact that the artist is looking for a particular type song for their album or single releases. The chances of landing a contract with them or their representatives is much simper that way. There is no long drawn out procedures when they are the ones asking for the songs.

Your songs are protected, registered in our Catalog within the BMI registry and you can view them in the BMI online registry. We have hundreds of songs and songwriters who work with us and have their songs in our Catalog. Won't you consider having your songs placed with us?

For more information or to have your songs cataloged today contact us.

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