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Who exactly is Big Sugar Music? BSM was founded by the father and son team of Jack Hendry and Mark Stephen Hendry. It was founded as a Publishing Company and registered with (BMI) for the purpose of publishing these two writers songs.  As time progressed they were joined by a host of great songwriters including Michael Dale Trusty, Jerry Cramer, Ed Goings, Joe Barfield, Mike Lewis, R. David Cash, Gilbert Burke, Bob Costley, David Pierce, Joe Howe as well as many others. In 2009 Jerry Cramer took over the day to day operations of the company and since that time we have seen a good rate of growth adding hundreds of songs to our catalog. From the Songwriters page you may feel at liberty to view our catalog of great songs!

We are always looking for good songs to publish and promote to artist, record labels and movie producers.  We use a simple songwriter/publishers agreement (not one you need a herd of attorneys to interpret). There is no fine print, it is plain and simple to understand. We are songwriters ourselves and we want our agreements to be in the best interest of those who wish us to publish their songs.  We accept unsolicited materials which is not the norm in this business. We believe that big publishers are missing great number one songs by not allowing all writers to send them their songs.  We are honest and straight forward when it comes to music and we will tell you if your song is commercial or not. We offer a co-writing service and a song demo service to help writers with songs that need to be commercialized. We also offer a reviewing service for a simple critique your songs and we charge a flat rate of $19.99 per song review. If your song should need more than a simple critique we have advanced services to assist you in that area as well. We can also assist you with Demo music tracks if needed at reasonable prices. Email us for details on these services!

We want all songwriters to send us their songs for possible publishing. We will publish only songs that meet our standards but we will also offer advice and assistance to the writers for thier songs before we turn a song down.  We have many artists whom we work with that our constantly looking for material to put on their albums. We want to build our catalog with even more great songs!

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