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Jerry Cramer is a Texas songwriter, entertainer, promoter, manager, disc jockey, publisher and a whole lot of other things when it comes to the music he loves. He wrote his first song fifty two years ago and has been involved in the music industry in one capacity or another for the past fifty years. Over a half of a century spent writing tunes, entertaining audiences, assisting new artist and writers, while making new friends all over the world.  Jerry has never changed from being the down home boy next door. He is as common as an old shoe and has never had a problem with being out front or in the background behind another writer or entertainer. Although he has a BS in Business Administration, an Associates of Arts in Marketing and another in Public Relations along with a Bible College degree he is just as down to earth as they come.  

He began his career with his own garage band back in the early days of rock n roll. He moved from that scene to folk music and wore his hair long and drove a micro mini bus. He later crooned in Las Vegas the tunes of Sinatra, Bennett, Cole and others. Leaving Vegas he toured for almost two years as the only white member of an all black blues band. When that band broke up he moved to a new city and began a new career as a country music artist and has remained in that genre for the past thirty plus years. Over the years he has worked with some of the greats of country music such as his long time friend and mentor Ernie Ashworth, others have included Porter Wagoner, Del Reeves, Skeeter Davis, Lonzo and Oscar, Wilma Lee Cooper, Mel Street, Boxcar Willie, Billy Walker, Waylon Jennings, and a whole host of others, to many to list them all. He has co-written songs with some of the great country, blues and gospel songwriters and some who have been Grammy and Dove Award winners, Gary S. Paxton, Roy August, Ernie Ashworth and Jim Lusk just to name a few. 

He presently is the board chairman of These organizations: The Cramer Multi Media Group, The Big Sugar Music Group, CMG Radio Enterprises, The Teddy Bear Foundation, The Jerry & Victoria Cramer Foundation and Jerry Cramer Enterprises. With in these organizations you will find two publishing companies, a record label, a video production company, an artist management firm, two non profit foundations to aid children in need, 135 internet radio stations, sixty fm radio stations, a real estate development company, his own Jerry Cramer Enterprises and that of Bubba Sharps Comedy and Associates.

He is always looking to help young songwriters, artist and those who wish to become a part of the music industry.  He is the father of five children, the step dad of three, the grandfather of twenty one and the great grad dad of seven. He believes in family values and hard work to reach your goals. He is strait forward, out spoken, a true believer in living life to its fullest and being all that you can be. He loves God, Family and Country in that order. He says he is not really a songwriter but a mere pen man that writes down the words from his heart that God gives him. He was inducted into the Independent Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1998, a member of the songwriters hall of fame, a member of ROPE "Reunion of Professional Entertainers" and has been awarded to many other awards through out his career for us to list in this limited space.

Is he headed toward retirement? No not hardly he works about 14 to 16 hours per day, six days a week and a few hours on Sundays when needed. He says he is young restless and twenty and if you were around him you would almost have to agree with that. The Cramer Multi Media Group is an ever growing social network of songwriters, recording artist, bands, film makers, composers, and musicians. CMG Radio Enterprises invites Indie Artists in all genres' to submit their songs for airplay within the CMG Radio network of stations.

Contact Jerry today for all the information and the latest news at CMG.

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